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Medical Department
Total Institutes
Total Students
Students Benefitted
Total Benefit Amount Disbursed
S.No.DistrictDepartmentInstitute TypeInstitute LevelTotal ApplicationsTotal Benefitted StudentsTotal MMVY Benefit Amount DisbursedApplicants
1 BHOPALDirectorate of Medical Education39003-Chirayu Medical College Bhopal BHOPALPrivateState Level141411711102632000
2 BHOPALPrivate Universities49061-L.N.Medical College Bhopal(L.N.C.T.University)Private UTDState Level14431027984964300
3 BHOPALPrivate Universities40001-Peoples College of Medical Science and Research Centre (Peoples Univ.)Private UTDState Level14051056946354250
4 INDOREParamedical Council39008-INDEX Medical College (Malwanchal University), IndorePrivate UTDState Level1276920937152850
5 INDOREDirectorate of Medical Education39007-SAMS Medical College IndorePrivateState Level1172884711091320
6 UJJAINDirectorate of Medical Education39013-R D Gardi Medical CollegePrivateState Level927724515208000
7 DEWASDirectorate of Medical Education39032-AMALTAS MEDICAL COLLEGE, DewasPrivateState Level499402353661860
8 BHOPALPrivate Universities39005-RKDF Medical College Hospital and Research Centre(Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University)Private UTDState Level444222276822600
9 INDOREDirectorate of Medical Education65802-LNCT Medical College & Sewakunj Hospital, Indore PrivateState Level1785668560800
10 BHOPALDirectorate of Medical Education39153-Mahaveer Institute Of Medical Sciences And ResearchPrivateState Level786957477000
11 JABALPURDirectorate of Medical Education65803-Sukh Sagar Medical College, Jabalpur PrivateState Level1053932491000
12 INDOREPrivate Universities39020-Index Dental College (Malwanchal University) IndorePrivate UTDState Level11211125641000
13 BHOPALPrivate Universities49032-RKDF Dental College and Research Centre(SarvaPalli RadhaKrishanan Univ.)Private UTDState Level797717848600
14 BHOPALPrivate Universities40002-Peoples College of Dental Science and Research Centre (Peoples Univ.)Private UTDState Level666617556000
15 BHOPALPrivate Universities40003-Peoples Dental Academy (Peoples Univ.)Private UTDState Level636015760500
16 INDOREDirectorate of Medical Education39021-Sri Aurobindo institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre IndorePrivateState Level797315067500
17 BHOPALDirectorate of Medical Education39001-Gandhi Medical College BhopalState Govt.State Level26218914478000
18 INDOREDirectorate of Medical Education39024-Modern Dental College and Research Centre IndorePrivateState Level676514300000
19 VIDISHADirectorate of Medical Education39038-Government Medical College,VidishaState Govt.State Level31122113908775
20 REWADirectorate of Medical Education39011-GOVT. Shyam Shah Medical College RewaState Govt.State Level21515012009625
21 BHOPALPrivate Universities39017-Bhaba College of Dental Science(Bhabha Univ.)Private UTDState Level535311660000
22 INDOREDirectorate of Medical Education39006-MGM Medical College IndoreState Govt.State Level22713911608900
23 JABALPURDirectorate of Medical Education39009-Govt. NSCB Medical College JabalpurState Govt.State Level1821259750400
24 GWALIORDirectorate of Medical Education39010-Gajraraja Medical College GwaliorState Govt.State Level1651118875000
25 RATLAMDirectorate of Medical Education39037-Government Medical College, RatlamState Govt.State Level171998579700
26 DATIADirectorate of Medical Education39036-Government Medical College DatiaState Govt.State Level129948124000
27 SAGARDirectorate of Medical Education39012-Bundelkhand Medical College SagarState Govt.State Level1561097875000
28 SHIVPURIDirectorate of Medical Education39041-Medical College, ShivpuriState Govt.State Level84727200000
29 BHOPALDirectorate of Medical Education39016-Rishiraj College of Dental Sciences and Research CentrePrivateState Level34336336000
30 KHANDWADirectorate of Medical Education39039-Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan(Old Name-Government Medical College,Khandwa)State Govt.State Level130795804450
31 INDOREDirectorate of Medical Education39022-College of Dental Science Rau IndorePrivateState Level28244752000
32 JABALPURDirectorate of Medical Education39025-Hitkarni Dental College JabalpurPrivateState Level31234370000
33 CHHINDWARADirectorate of Medical Education39040-Medical College, ChhindwaraState Govt.State Level79414100000
34 BHOPALDirectorate of Medical Education39019-Mansarovar Dental College BhopalPrivateState Level22203960000
35 INDOREDirectorate of Medical Education39023-Government Dental College IndoreState Govt.State Level61463400000
36 BURHANPURDirectorate of Medical Education39026-Guru Gobind Singh College of Dental Science and research Centre BurhanpurPrivateState Level881496000
37 SHAHDOLDirectorate of Medical Education39042-Medical College, ShahdolState Govt.State Level62101000000
38 GWALIORDirectorate of Medical Education39028-Institute of Dental education and Advace studies GwaliorPrivateState Level21210000