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Students Benefitted
Total Benefit Amount Disbursed
S.No.DistrictDepartmentInstitute TypeInstitute LevelTotal ApplicationsTotal Benefitted StudentsTotal MMVY Benefit Amount DisbursedApplicants
1 BHOPALNational Level Institutes 51475-Indian Institute of Information Technology,BhopalCentral Govt.National Level36426537541650
2 JABALPURNational Level Institutes 51471-Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, JabalpurCentral Govt.National Level38027234802150
3 INDORENational Level Institutes 59014-Indian Institute of Technology IndoreCentral Govt.National Level21016330041143
4 HARIDWARNational Level Institutes 59007-Indian Institute of Technology RoorkeeCentral Govt.National Level43832126998323
5 VaranasiNational Level Institutes 59016-Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) VaranasiCentral Govt.National Level44631224612315
6 NagpurNational Level Institutes 60016-Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) NagpurCentral Govt.National Level19611923005916
7 PuneNational Level Institutes 60017-Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) PuneCentral Govt.National Level13010120869670
8 Allahabad National Level Institutes 56756-INDIAN INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ALLAHABADCentral Govt.National Level20815119547896
9 DhanbadNational Level Institutes 59019-Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) DhanbadCentral Govt.National Level27419419485304
10 VadodaraNational Level Institutes 60007-Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT), Vadodara, GujratCentral Govt.National Level23018618833382
11 KOTANational Level Institutes 60001-Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)Kota, RajasthanCentral Govt.National Level19915816980975
12 JAIPURNational Level Institutes 59052-National Institute of Technology JaipurCentral Govt.National Level26920815833595
13 KamrupNational Level Institutes 59006-Indian Institute of Technology GuwahatiCentral Govt.National Level23815515665627
14 Medinipur National Level Institutes 59001-Indian Institute of Technology KharagpurCentral Govt.National Level19610212613394
15 MumbaiNational Level Institutes 59002-Indian Institute of Technology BombayCentral Govt.National Level1508511504948
16 New DelhiNational Level Institutes 59005-Indian Institute of Technology DelhiCentral Govt.National Level1758710865998
17 LucknowNational Level Institutes 60011-Indian Institute of Information Technology LucknowCentral Govt.National Level56388906700
18 KamrupNational Level Institutes 60002-Indian Institute of Information Technology GuwahatiCentral Govt.National Level64508739151
19 AmethiNational Level Institutes 60428-Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum TechnologyCentral Govt.National Level88717671400
20 Allahabad National Level Institutes 59053-National Institute of Technology AllahabadCentral Govt.National Level1851327550432
21 DharwadNational Level Institutes 60012-Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT) DharwadCentral Govt.National Level58417434494
22 JODHPURNational Level Institutes 59011-Indian Institute of Technology JodhpurCentral Govt.National Level130897186642
23 NagpurNational Level Institutes 59060-National Institute of Technology NagpurCentral Govt.National Level125836392815
24 DurgNational Level Institutes 59020-Indian Institute of Technology BhilaiCentral Govt.National Level93675812314
25 SuratNational Level Institutes 59067-National Institute of Technology SuratCentral Govt.National Level108795634463
26 RanchiNational Level Institutes 60102-Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, RanchiGovt. AidedState Level57435567000
27 ChennaiNational Level Institutes 59004-Indian Institute of Technology MadrasCentral Govt.National Level75495045335
28 New DelhiNational Level Institutes 60426-Delhi Technological UniversityCentral Govt.National Level42334851000
29 Purbi SinghbhumNational Level Institutes 59059-National Institute of Technology JamshedpurCentral Govt.National Level40354649868
30 ChittoorNational Level Institutes 60006-Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT), Sri City, Chittoor District, Andhra PradeshCentral Govt.National Level28174420100
31 BHOPALNational Level Institutes 51014-NIFT, National Institute of Fashion Technology, BhopalCentral Govt.National Level24174380694
32 ChennaiNational Level Institutes 60008-Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, KancheepuramCentral Govt.National Level48324240250
33 RanchiNational Level Institutes 60015-Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) RanchiCentral Govt.National Level38213897000
34 Khordha National Level Institutes 60429-International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) BhubaneswarCentral Govt.State Level41283715194
35 SuratNational Level Institutes 60020-Indian Institute of Information Technology SuratCentral Govt.National Level45273651884
36 BHOPALNational Level Institutes 51017-Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, BhopalCentral Govt.National Level76513627400
37 PatnaNational Level Institutes 59012-Indian Institute of Technology PatnaCentral Govt.National Level59393605971
38 Kanpur NagarNational Level Institutes 59003-Indian Institute of Technology KanpurCentral Govt.National Level114383562057
39 North Goa National Level Institutes 59021-Indian Institute of Technology GoaCentral Govt.National Level39313451119
40 UnaNational Level Institutes 60005-Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT) Una, Himachal PradeshCentral Govt.National Level28173439900
41 Sundargarh (Sundergarh) National Level Institutes 59063-National Institute of Technology RourkelaCentral Govt.National Level83543426772
42 RaipurNational Level Institutes 56743-National institute of technology RaipurCentral Govt.National Level96693368135
43 BhagalpurNational Level Institutes 60018-Indian Institute of Information Technology BhagalpurCentral Govt.National Level32143036900
44 KottayamNational Level Institutes 60014-Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT) KottayamCentral Govt.National Level24143001090
45 Gautam Buddha Nagar *National Level Institutes 55405-Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI), NoidaCentral Govt.National Level18172957200
46 RohtakNational Level Institutes 59031-Indian Institute of Management RohtakCentral Govt.National Level442360000
47 WarangalNational Level Institutes 59071-National Institute of Technology WarangalCentral Govt.National Level72472137415
48 RoparNational Level Institutes 59013-Indian Institute of Technology RoparCentral Govt.National Level50322136658
49 Dakshina KannadaNational Level Institutes 59068-National Institute of Technology SurathkalCentral Govt.National Level60402112428
50 AhmadabadNational Level Institutes 60105-Institute of Infrastructure, Technology, Research and Management-AhmedabadGovt. AidedState Level25182108150