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Technical Department
Total Institutes
Total Students
Students Benefitted
Total Benefit Amount Disbursed
S.No.DistrictDepartmentInstitute TypeInstitute LevelTotal ApplicationsTotal Benefitted StudentsTotal MMVY Benefit Amount DisbursedApplicants
1 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20407-Shri G.S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore (M.P.)Govt. AidedState Level33462374199150622
2 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20184-Institute of Engineering and Technology, DAVV, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level27141965149813242
3 GWALIORDirectorate of Technical Education20226-Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, GwaliorGovt. AidedState Level19231300100581730
4 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20189-International Institute of Professional Studies, DAVV, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level144087873110367
5 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20218-Laxmi Narayan College of Technology, BhopalPrivateState Level60133330009975
6 GWALIORDirectorate of Technical Education20394-School of Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jiwaji University, GwaliorGovt. UTDState Level63443223974052
7 JABALPURDirectorate of Technical Education20194-Jabalpur Engineering College JabalpurAutonomousState Level101169717936529
8 VIDISHADirectorate of Technical Education20379-Samrat Ashok Technological Institute (Degree), VidishaGovt. AidedState Level41327416791475
9 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20071-Dept of Pharmacy, Bharkatullah University, BhopalAutonomousState Level54838715824500
10 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20478-University Institute of Technology RGPV, BhopalState Govt.State Level82053414755911
11 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20185-Institute of Management Studies, IndoreGovt. UTDState Level33119911695523
12 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20005-Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, IndorePrivateState Level2121137649600
13 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20183-Institute of Engineering and Science, IPS Academy, IndorePrivateState Level107654303000
14 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20243-Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, BhopalAutonomousState Level2891994185070
15 UJJAINDirectorate of Technical Education20473-Ujjain Engineering College UjjainAutonomousState Level1951342991940
16 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education55201-State Institute of Hotel Management, IndoreState Govt.State Level24171762885
17 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20463-Technocrats Institute of Technology, BhopalPrivateState Level25161402000
18 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20362-S.V. Polytechnic College, BhopalState Govt.State Level1781211313430
19 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20217-Laxmi Narayan College of Technology and Science, BhopalPrivateState Level39181308000
20 REWADirectorate of Technical Education20338-Rewa Engineering College Rewa (M.P.)AutonomousState Level59491093400
21 JABALPURDirectorate of Technical Education20207-Kala Niketan 1 Polytechnic College, JabalpurAutonomousState Level1441091090000
22 GWALIORDirectorate of Technical Education20164-IE Jiwaji University, GWALIORGovt. UTDState Level4428981524
23 GWALIORDirectorate of Technical Education20360-Rustamji Institute of Technology, Tekanpur, GwaliorAutonomousState Level2613967146
24 UJJAINDirectorate of Technical Education20233-Mahakal Instute of Technology, UjjainPrivateState Level1210705000
25 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20293-Oriental College of Technology, BhopalPrivateState Level178636000
26 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20477-University Institute of Technology Barkatullah University, BhopalAutonomousState Level2615631175
27 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20177-Indore Institute of Science and Technology, IndorePrivateState Level2510586000
28 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20312-Prestige institute of Engineering Management and Research, IndorePrivateState Level109456000
29 GWALIORDirectorate of Technical Education20192-Institute of Technology and Management, Gwalior (1997)OldNa:ITM GROUP OF INSTITUTIONSPrivateState Level165385000
30 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20296-Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, BhopalPrivateState Level154384000
31 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20462-Technocrats Institute of Technology (Excellence), BhopalPrivateState Level125370000
32 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20371-Sagar Institute of Science and Technology (SISTEC) BhopalPrivateState Level85312650
33 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20368-Sagar Institute of Research and Technology, BhopalPrivateState Level114294470
34 UJJAINDirectorate of Technical Education20390-School Engineering and Technology, Vikram University, UjjainAutonomousState Level65207374
35 JABALPURDirectorate of Technical Education20141-Womens Polytechnic College, JabalpurState Govt.State Level2825194850
36 SAGARDirectorate of Technical Education20170-Indira Gandhi Sagar Engineering College, SagarAutonomousState Level129191110
37 RATLAMDirectorate of Technical Education20439-Srajan Institute of Technology, Management and Science, RatlamPrivateState Level43136800
38 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20153-Lakshmi Narain College of Technology,Excellence(GGITM)PrivateState Level104109500
39 INDOREDirectorate of Technical Education20442-Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, IndorePrivateState Level42104000
40 SHIVPURIDirectorate of Technical Education20646-SHIVPURI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, SHIVPURI (Constituent College of RGPV) (2020)Govt. UTDState Level7499680
41 SHAHDOLDirectorate of Technical Education20522-University Institute of Technology, Shahdol (Constituent College of RGPV)Govt. UTDState Level10494315
42 PANNAADirectorate of Technical Education20118-Polytechnic College, Panna [Special Co-Ed]State Govt.State Level111075000
43 JABALPURDirectorate of Technical Education20152-Gyan Ganga College of Technology, JabalpurPrivateState Level6160000
44 JABALPURDirectorate of Technical Education20161-Hitkarni College of Engineering and Technology, JabalpurPrivateState Level9251000
45 KHARGONEDirectorate of Technical Education20109-Polytechnic College, KhargoneState Govt.State Level7645182
46 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20503-School of Information Technology(RGPV)Govt. UTDState Level8144800
47 BHOPALDirectorate of Technical Education20138-Womens Polytechnic College, BhopalState Govt.State Level6539280
48 CHHINDWARADirectorate of Technical Education20169-Indira Gandhi Polytechnic College, Chhindwara [Special Co-Ed]State Govt.State Level5537964
49 SAGARDirectorate of Technical Education20142-Womens Polytechnic College, Sagar [Special Co-Ed]State Govt.State Level4432388
50 KHANDWADirectorate of Technical Education20272-MJP 1 Polytechnic College, KhandwaAutonomousState Level100